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Backup and Recovery - Mandurah, Rockingham , Baldivis

Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery - Mandurah, Rockingham , Baldivis

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Data Recovery and Restoration Rockingham, Mandurah and Baldivis

We all rely on your computers and laptops more and more, and with our ever increasing photo and music collections it can be devistating if your computer fails.

When your PC or notebook has crashed and is unable to restart this does not always mean that you have lost that precious data from your hard drive. In our tool kits we carry many solutions that enable us to recover data from hard drives that can then be restored onto your new or repaired system

External Hard Drives and USB Thumb Drive Recovery

USB storage is growing ever cheaper and therefore ever more popular, however these portable hard drives don’t always cope well with how we treat them. Being so portable these hard drive don’t get treated with the same care as we give to our more expensive laptops or mac books, yet the data contain on them can be irreplaceable, no matter wat the cost, family photos, memories and documents not stored in any other location.

Luckily in around 90% of cases we do find it possible to retrieve all of the data from your damaged hard drive or thumb drive.

If you are unable to access the data on your hard drive or USB drive, then first of all we recommend that you stop using it straight away. Lost files are, in most cases, still usually sitting somewhere on the hard drive and unfortunately your computer or mac nolonger knows where it is located. Continuing to use the drive could mean that the lost file will be overwritten by new files if it remains connected to your computer.

So remove the hard drive from the computer and then give us a call 0402525187 and we’ll see if our hard drive and USB recovery systems can find and restiore your missing files and data

Backing Up and Restoring

Because it is always possible for a hardrive to be damaged beyond the point of being able to access and retrieve old data, then we will show you how to perform regular backup schedules so that you always have a 2nd copy of your valuable data in the event of catestrophic failure.

These days backing up your data to a remote storage facility in the cloud has become reality with internet speeds increasing (NBN and 4G connections) and cost of storage decreasing.

Using an online backup storage service like that provided by backblaze is extremely simple to setup and costs less per annum than you’d typically pay for an anti virus program. Follow this link to find out more and give us a call if you want any assistance seting this up

Always remember that before you undertake any drastic measure such as reinstalling your operating system it is always worth giving us a call before hand so that your precious data can be recovered before you wipe it with a new install

So if you have a laptop that has frozen or a computer that will nolonger turn on and needs a repair then give us a call or contact us via our contact request form. We cover all suburbs in and around Mandurah, Rockingham and Baldivis

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*Minimum charge of one hour which covers the first hour, followed by $75 for each subsequent 1/2 hour or part thereof. Prices quoted exclude replacement hardware and consumables. Sat/Sun/Public Holidays attract an additional one off charge of $100.